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The standard 14'-0" floats have a displacement of 980 pounds. We are now offering a 15'-0" float with a displacement of 1150 pounds to suit heavier ultralight

Puddlejumper has been serving the ultralight industry for over 15 years with a proven aerodynamic and aquatic design. The fiberglass construction and complete amphibious capability make them unique in the ultralight field. 
Take-off on land, spend all day on water, and safely tuck your plane away at night. 

    Among available options:
  • Kevlar bottoms for added abrasion and impact resistance for both line of floats. Weight reduction of 2 pounds per float 
  • Machined aluminum wheels with integrated drum brakes 
  • Water rudder 
  • Colors of your choice in the gelcoat finish

Mechanical drum brakes 

Water rudder 
Both Lines of floats still offer the steerable telescopic nosewheel, with the strength of the stainless steel shaft increased 70% by oil tempering, the simple wheel retraction system, and a new six inch wide fork to accommodate wider tires. 

We cater to all popular makes of ultralights, such as Quicksilver, Challenger, Tornado, Rans, Flitestar and can adapt our mounting system to practically all ultralights. 
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